Other Projects

Some of My Design Projects

Some of the other work I've done over the years. I don't work on a ton of logos but here are a couple I put together. It’s a combination of freelance work and projects from previous jobs.

Logo I created for a flight data company, trying to incorporate the airplane into the V shape.

For a little while I’ve been working on this side project, a fantasy soccer application I'm building with a small, remote team in Ireland and the UK. I’ve played fantasy football for a long time now and had even worked on some concepts for my own fantasy football application in the past, so when I got contact to work on this, even being a different sport, it seemed like a fun project and something I could get into.

First task with Fantasy Nation was creating the branding and style guide. We're actually on the second iteration of this app. This time around we're using Angular Material 2 to try and save a little time on front-end development. The audience is primarily mobile traffic so material should work fine and we may eventually get it into an Android app.

Fantasy Nation style guide

Here is the desktop homepage design. Created everything for this app: the content, branding, design direction and all screens, colors, icons etc., as well as setting the marketing vision and direction.

new homepage

Here are a handful of the screens. I started everything mobile, as that is what the majority of the audience will be using. Kept the styles fairly basic and consistent with material design as much as I could to help speed of front-end development.

ui screens

At one studio we did a lot of pitch decks and prototypes for people looking to raise funding. Here are a few mobile screens from two of those. Also including some general web designs from various places, going a few years back.