Tyler Herman is a Product Designer in Tacoma, WA

Recent Work

About Tyler

Hello, my name is Tyler Herman and I am a product designer with fourteen years of experience designing applications for the web and mobile.

Software & Skills

  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Front-end (HTML & CSS)
  • Sketch & Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Agile Methodologies & User Stories
  • Wireframes & Prototyping
  • Design Systems, Pattern Libraries & Style Guides
  • Branding & Identity
  • User Interviews, Observations & Testing
Design Lead

Worked on all areas of the application; currently supporting three product teams on current and future product initiatives. Explanded the application from a simple targeting platform to include opportunity, sales, scheduling, product, contract, and territory creation, planning, tracking and managment, in order to move the product towards managing the end-to-end medical sales process.

Senior Product Designer

I started working on two claims applications: one to allow customers to submit damage photos and the second a video chat application for adjusters and customers to communicate and share damage and repair information. Currently, I'm working on a product to reduce the cost of damage estimates.

Product Designer

Started by redesigning a flight and hotel search web application as it’s converted over to React JS. Also, working on several projects to expand the application and improve user experience and conversions. One of these is a new alert and flight tracking system to help users make better decisions about when to buy as well as be informed about how good or bad of a deal they are receiving.

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
UX/UI Designer

Helped design and brand an internal application to create a central application to manage citizens of the nation and integrate the various services available to them.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi
UX/UI Designer

Designed applications for internal users, customers, and healthcare providers; for both native devices and the web.