Latest Design Work

Currently I work at FareCompare. In the process of converting some older apps into React JS and implementing a new design for them along the way, starting with the flights app, which is the initial search and the results of that search.

My goal was to establish a little more modern look without moving too far away from current colors, style and branding. With established apps, it’s best to make incrimental changes instead of taking a sledghammer to something, even if it might need it. I lightened up the grey background and simplified the color pallet. The only color addition was a accent color for action buttons.

Some of the styles for input field states. Currently, we don't offer some of this functionality but it’s in the works. Also, a few little illustrations I've been working on.

An initial homepage design concept. Still working on overall style and branding for FareCompare. The current homepage doesn't really have much of a call to action above the fold so I included space for that. The other element I felt was important was to get email sign ups as soon as possible; giving users deals from their local airport/city.

FareCompare homepage design

After creating the flight results I created something similar for hotels to keep things consistent. The map will be a new integration, still in the works.

Another project in the works is advanced options for price alerts. Instead of just the standard change in price email we'll be allowing users to select specific airlines, stops, price ranges, and lots of other features.

And yet another project in the pipes is a deals app, which will display deals from the selected departing city or airport.

Some more styles showing the interactions for the deals. Users will be able to favorite certain destinations which will appear more frequently on the deals page and also within email being sent.