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When I started at Humboldt State we really had no social media presense. About a year and a half in we hired a social media person, so I was tasked with creating some of the imagery, backgrounds, banners, ads and a few websites for the purpose.

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Social Media Profiles

One of the first things that needed to happen was to create some backgrounds, and profile images for the various social media channels. This is the initial Facebook profile photo and background. I also created similar imagery for Twitter, and Youtube to keep things consistent.


facebook profile

Along with the images I created a sort of landing page for the University, “Experience HSU” on Facebook, which gave informaton about the college and some of the promotions we had going on, like our Centennial. The design is consistent with the HSU social site I created, which you can see below.

experience hsu facebook tab

To get the word out about or new social endevours on campus we needed some banners created. The HSU homepage only has spaces for pretty small banner images in the bottom right. Here are a few of those. Not the easiest trying to design in such a small box.

social media banners

After Facebook, Instagram is another social channel we’ve been using. For the Commencement we have grads and their family share their photos. Here is a little Facebook app/tab with the instruction.

instagram facebook tab

Social Media Site

To go along with everything else, I built a site in Drupal that would be used as a social hub for the University. The site uses images from our Flickr feed as the header background and promotes our social profiles, feeds from our more prominent accounts, and a directory of social profiles and accounts on campus.

  • Developed in Drupal 7
  • Responsive Design
  • Front-end html/css
  • Interface design & layout

View Site

social media hub site