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I'm always on the lookup for good reads on business, startups, user experience, productivity, real estate, finance and product management among other topics.

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The Lean Product Playbook

A little more about putting lean startup ideas into practice. Not a ton of new information, but I've read all the other Lean books before this one. Lots of similarities with what already happens with agile development. Might be a good place to start if you haven't ready any of the other ones.


Not always relevant to people who don't run a successful startup but generally good ideas for the most part.


Maybe it's because of the age of the book but I'd already heard a lot of the stories and most of the information I already new. I guess if you're just learning about marketing there may be some good bits of info.

The E-Myth Revisited

A great read for any small business owner. Takes a little while to get to it but some of the lessons are so obvious yet really valuable for a lot of people.

Zero to One

Honestly a little disappointing. A little on the short side. Interesting opinions but sounds a little full of himself.

Smarter Faster Better

Some really great stories. I don't know if it was a little unorganized or what but I didn't get a ton of actionable things to take away. Still worth reading.

The Lean Startup

I went about this kinda backwards, reading Lean UX for Startups, and other Lean UX books before reading this, which they're based on. The stories are still good but for a designer those books are probably a better way to go if you're only going to read one or two.