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Helping startups and small business find success online by giving them the knowledge and tools to take charge of their online presence.

I've put together this part of the site for small business owners, entrepreneurs and people looking to start their first business. Most people don't know how to begin marketing their business so hopefully these tutorials can help get you started.

I've try to layout the quickest, simplest ways for you to get your business succeeding online. Along with some powerful tools and knowhow to determine how well your online efforts are doing. Because most business just throw money at something and hope for the best. I feel you can do a lot better than that.

Building Your Own Business Website with WordPress

This tutorial will walk you through how to build your own website without editing and code or needing to do any design. We'll go step-by-step. Starting by buying a domain. Then purchasing hosting and setting the two up together. Then we'll install WordPress.

From there we will pick a Theme that will work for your business. Add the necessary pages and content. Finally we will install necessary Plugins and fix other setup issues.

All the steps needed to go from zero to a completed website up on the internet in under two hours.

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Guide to Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most focused and also cheapest forms of advertising you can do, and yet most business don't do it.

This guide will show you the benefits of email marketing, how to set up a campaign and how to increase your number of subscribers.

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