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Helpful WordPress Plugins for your Business Site

Plugins are tools that extent the functionality of WordPress. There are literally thousands to choose from. Which might end up being a problem if you don’t know what to look for.

So I’ve put together a list of the best WordPress Plugins for your business website.

Site Design

Widget Context With the Widget Context WordPress plugin, you’ll be able to pick and choose which pages you want sidebar widgets to appear on. You can literally create different sidebars for different pages and sections of your site with this. This is an essential Plugin for many people.

V-slider Have an image you want to add to your site? Want to make it more interesting? Then use the V-Slider to animate your header, posts or images.

TinyMCE Advanced Ever need tables in your WordPress site? This plugin adds exactly that!

Site Performance & Maintenance

W3 Total Cache This Plugin caches (saves) a static copy of each of your pages on the server. This means each user who visits the site is not having to query the database, they simply see the cached file, reducing load on the server and increasing the time in which pages load.

WP-DBManager Create a backup of your database. You can never be too careful with your content.

Simple Breadcrumbs for WordPress Allows you to provide your readers with additional blog navigation. Note, some Themes have this by default.

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress Seo by Yoast. There are a lot of SEO Plugins that do similar things. I prefer this one. It ads title and meta descriptions to pages and posts and creates a XML sitemap for you. It does more but that is really all I need out of an SEO plugin.

WordPress Stats Keep up with your most important performance stats through this simple plugin. The data can be viewed as a simple snapshot of visitor stats, top content and other information right on your WP admin dashboard.

XML Sitemap Supported by, Google, Yahoo and MSN, the plugin creates XML Sitemap compliant content for your site.


Pop Up Domination Popup Domination is the absolute best WordPress plugin in existence today for capturing leads. It’s loaded with different themes and theme option to match the look and feel of your site and I’m telling you that there are absolutely no popup software available that compares to the style and effectiveness of Popup Domination.

Contact Form 7 An easy way to add forms to your website. Just create a form within the Plugins settings, then copy the code and paste it into whatever page or post you wish to display it in.


Digg Digg Social Sharing Allows you to add social sharing links to the side of your site. Good for blogs but may not be necessary for a business site. Your call.

Thank Me Later Send an email to thank visitors for leaving a comment on your blog. Good if you have a blog, if not, you don’t need it.


Ultimately the best security is having a backup. If someone wants something bad enough they’ll find a way to get it so make sure you backup your site regularly.

Better WP Security Is an all-in-one security Plugin. It has tons of features and you can watch the video to get a general idea of all that is does.