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Online advertising can be a little confusing at first but it has a lot of benefits over traditional advertising methods. Benefits like you actually get to find out exactly how many people viewed your ads, clicked on them, and of those clicks, how many turned into conversions (leads or sales), just to name one.

You’ll never know how successful a billboard is, but you’ll know exactly what your online ad campaign is doing for your business. Which means you can eliminate the wasteful spending and just focus on the methods that produce results. Plus, it is real cheap to start, so there isn’t a large investment to get started. For example Adwords can be as low as $3.00 a day.

Online adverting is also highly targetable. You can create ads for just your local area, or tailored for model train enthusiasts. Choose to display ads only on websites that your customers visit or do broader ads on an ad network to get specific groups or people with specific interests or from a specific demographic. Or you can help new customers discover your brand via content marketing and social sharing.

Online advertising is also immediate. It takes at most a few days to set up and get started. So you can set campaigns for specific days or events and you get immediate results. No need to get ads into the magazine on time or wait for the phonebook to come out with your new ad in it.

As I browse around the web I’ve been starting to see a few local businesses advertsing online so I’ve started to collect ads from local Humboldt businesses that can be viewed here.

Types of Online Advertising

There are a few different ways to advertise online and many places to do it. The main ways are:

  • Ad Networks
  • Social Media/Sharing
  • Advertising with Individual Websites