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This is a collection of useful tools, services and resources to get you started on your marketing journey. This is in no way intend to be a comprehensive list. Instead, I’ve selected the best one or two resources from each category. So that small business owners and other people new to online marketing cad find the tools they need quickly.


Your website is the hub of your online presence. Here are tools and resources to get a website up and running.

Domain Registration

How to Choose a Domain Name

You can use any domain registrar to register a domain. I prefer domain registration


There are tons of different hosting providers. I feel Bluehost offers good quality for the cost and should be solid for most small business websites.

bluehost hosting for wordpress

Content Management Systems

If you are building a website yourself I recommend using Wordpress. It is fast, easy and there are lots of themes to choose from.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing resources:

Social Media

Buffer App makes sharing content super easy. Schedule Tweets to go out at key times of the day. Write all your tweets for the week and have them go out when you want. Saves you a whole bunch of time in the long run.

buffer app

Email Marketing

For email marketing Aweber is a great and affordable way to create autoresponders, email campaigns and manage your lists.

Aweber email marketing

Here’s how to create an email marketing campaign using our Email Marketing Guide.

Ad Networks

There are a number of different ad networks to choose from, and of course, lots of smaller niche networks and individual websites that you can advertise on.

The biggest ad network is Google Adwords.


If you are targeting an older demographic or just want to avoid the crowds and higher prices of Adwords, give Microsoft adCenter (Bing and Yahoo) a try.

Adcenter for Yahoo and Bing

It can be a little expensive but Facebook is another large ad network.

facebook advertising

Analyzing Traffic and Marketing Efforts

Google offers lots of free tools. For analyzing traffic they have Google Analytics and Google Webmaster’s Tools.

Google Analytics

While Analytics is good for monitoring traffic, Webmaster Tools is good for monitoring your sites health and seeing what keywords you are being ranked for.

Google Webmasters


If you spend any amount of time online, you’ll end up with a whole bunch of passwords. LastPass saves your usernames and passwords in the cloud, where they can be used to automatically log into websites you visit. Similar to having your browser store passwords but more secure and you can access your passwords from any browser or device.


With dozens of websites and accounts I couldn’t live without it at this point.

Wufoo is a great way to create forms for your website. Stuff that is more complicated than just a contact form. One great use of Wufoo is to use it to take payments on complicated orders. It integrates with Paypal and a number of other merchants. It is free up to 100 form submissions a month.

wufoo form builder

Get Satisfaction is a great way to collect feedback about your website, your products or customer service. You can get started using it for free.

Get Satisfaction