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Email Marketing Guide

In the guide I’ll be showing you the benefits of email marketing, how to set up your email marketing campaign, how to write effective emails, what to put in your emails, and how to analyze and monitor your results. It is a lot to cover, but hang in there, the benefits of your new campaign (see below) will be worth it.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best and most cost-effictive ways to market your business. Here’s why:

  • Targeted: Only people who sign up get the emails so they are either curious about buying or have already bought from you before. No source of traffic is more focused.
  • Personal: Email is a great way to speak directly to customers, and lets them communicate to you as well. Improving relationships and giving you new insights about what your customers want from you.
  • Easy to Analise: If you are using Aweber like I recommend you get lots of easy to understand metrics to find out how your email campaigns are doing. See how many emails get opened, how long they are read and so on. No other marketing tool gives you so much knowledge of what people are actually doing.
  • Gift that Keeps on Giving: Once a person is on your email list, you can talk to them at any time you like. A person might only visit your website once but if you can get them on your list, you can contact them forever after.

Creating an Email Account

If you don’t have an email account from your domain you probably want to have one, or a couple. I use Gmail all the time but it isn’t professional to send clients or customers emails from anything other than domain name emails. Set up a few addresses like: support[at], paulina[at], sale[at] You can always have these email forward to one account, but it is nice to have, say your sales leads, all go to one central location.

If you don’t have email addresses set up yet, follow this email guide.

Setting Up an Email Campaign

For email marketing Aweber is a great and affordable way to create email campaigns, collect subscribers and manage your lists.

The video goes over all the steps, or you can keep reading below.

Aweber email marketing

What we will be doing:

  • Setup Your List
  • Create a Welcome Email
  • Put a Signup Form on Your Website

Getting Started

Alright, so if you haven’t ready, head on over to Aweber and create an account. One of the great things about Aweber is how simple they make everything. As soon as you create your account there is a step-by-step guide to creating your campaign at the bottom of the screen. But I’ll go over it here for you just to make it extra clear.

aweber tutorial

Start by creating a new List. Click on the blue Create a List button to get started.

creating your Aweber list is the first step

It will ask you to fill out your information next:

enter your email information

It is required that you enter a valid address. A P.O. Box will do if your business doesn’t have a physical location. Then hit the green Save Settings Button.

It will take you to the “Company Branding” form. Where you fill out your company name, website domain, and an email signature which should have your contact information in it.

When completed again hit the green Save Settings button.

The next form will be your confirmation email form. When a person signs up for your newsletter they will get this email asking them to click a link to confirm being on the list. This helps to weed out spam bots that may have signed up with your form.

You can and should edit the subject, body of the email, and the signature.

The last part is setting a success page. This is where the email link takes them. Create a page on your WordPress website and link to it here. If you offered a free ebook or other promotion to get people to sign up you could provide it on your success page, or have the link to it in this email, or both.

Ok, you now have an email list set up, now you need a way for people to subscribe.

Email List Subscriber Form

Aweber gives you this handy form builder to create signup forms for your list. No coding knowledge required just pick a form style you like, add or change the text, and you are good to go.

aweber email signup form builder

Once you’ve picked a form you like and have made any necesssary text changes, click the green Save the Web Form button and then click the blue Go to Step Two button.

save your email signup form and then go to the next step

Now you’ll see a small snippet of code, that you can copy and then paste into your website where you want the form to go. Most people put a form in the sidebar of their website. With WordPress the best way to do this is to add a Text Widget to a widget area in your sidebar.

Creating Emails

Once you get a decent sized list going it is time to start sending out emails. On the main navigation bar at the top right of the screen, click on Messages. Then in the middle of the page there is a big, green New HTML Message button, go ahead and click the down arrow to see a dropdown where you can select, Plain Text Message or HTML Message, depending on what you want to send. Plain text is a normal email. HTML Message will be based on a design template you choose.

Now it is just a matter of writing your email. Enter a subject and body to the email. When finished make sure to test and preview before sending. Once it’s sent it’ll be in peoples inboxes.

Writing Effective Emails

Coming soon. Check back soon or subscribe to the Newsletter for when the part of the tutorial will be completed.

Monitoring Results

Coming soon. Check back soon or subscribe to the Newsletter for when the part of the tutorial will be completed.

Ways to Get More Subscribers

You want to have a subscription form on all of your pages. In the sidebar is the usual places but you can also have one around the footer or header. Some people also use popups or screen takeovers. These can be annoying but do get results.


Give people a reason to sign up. You may decide to give away a free product, a discount on a product or service, maybe a free informational product like an ebook. Be creative and give people some reason to sign up.

Once they’re signed up you also want to keep them on the list. Provide subscribers with information and discounts only available to them. Create special sales and promotions so people want to open your emails each time.


Hopefully, you have your new email newsletter up and running at this point. Now that you have a website built, and a newsletter, it is time to look into promoting them, with a combination of social media, search engine optimization, and online advertising.