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New Project: Real Theme Co

I’ve been doing freelance work, the day job and working on something new, my WordPress theme business, Real Theme Co. It is probably a little early to be mentioning it since I’m not officially ready to launch, but I couldn’t resist.

With Real Theme Co. I’ve focused on building WordPress themes for bloggers. Each theme is fairly minimal and clean. The focus is on the presentation of content and not so much on over the top design or tons of features. Real basic themes that load fast, are easy to read and navigate, and can be set up quickly and without a lot of hassle.

Right now I have one theme completed, that I am submitting to the Theme Directory. I figure giving away one theme for free is a good way to get my name out there, learn what features people are looking for and get a handle on customer service. I submitted my first theme Sunstone about a week ago and hope it will get approved in the next month or so.

Along with Sunstone, I’m also working on 5 other themes right now and several more designs that may be turned into themes. I’m trying to get to 12 themes, or that is the goal at least before I begin promoting the business heavily. This is of course a lot of work for one person, so I’ve been contracting out to some other WordPress developers to help build out the themes. I start with the foundation and basic html/css layout and let them do the back end stuff. This saves me a lot of time and I can focus on designing themes and doing the fine tuned testing that is required of a polished, finished theme.

Right now the goal is to have my theme business ready to launch by the end of June. It might be a tight squeeze but it is doable. My first theme is finished. My second Citrine I’m finishing up testing for. Then I have three other themes almost done with development, and another just getting into development. Which bring the total to 6 themes I’ll be able to launch with.

Stay tuned for more updates here and on the site.