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Long Time, No Write

Not a big secret that I haven’t been writing here. The last post I made was when I moved to Reno which is about two and a half years ago. Now I live in Mississippi. Never thought I would have lived in the South but its not that bad. Summers are pretty hot obviously. Not sure which were hotter, Mississippi or Florida.

Besides work at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi I’ve also been working on a fantasy soccer application. The beta should be out this year and we’d like to have cash contests done by the next Premier League season.

I’ve also been getting into real estate investing. Looking at small multifamily properties here in Mississippi.

Also, I’ve been trying to read a lot more now. I’m usually reading a book and I listen to books on Audible at work and while I work out. I go through one or two of those a week. Going to be an expensive habit but so far its been great, learning more about business, marketing design, user experience. Its been going pretty well so far because while working in Photoshop I can listen to books while listening and zoning out. I’ll have a post on that later on.