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Learning While At Work: Audible

I’ve struggled to read for a couple years now. Not that I can’t read… just that I either don’t have the time or don’t feel like sitting still for a couple hours to read all the books I feel I need to read to be a better person, designer, marketer and business person.

As a designer and product person working on a startup, or really for anyone trying to better him/herself, there is so much great knowledge and resources out there. And as much as I like Medium and some of the blogs I still frequent, they just don’t come close to the breadth and depth of knowledge you get from a good book.

So to get through the ever-growing number of titles I’ve added to my Amazon wishlist, I decided to get an Audible account. It definitely isn’t the cheapest way to soak up some needed knowledge but so far so good.
$15 a month for one book and $12-$25 for additional books it definitely can become pricey, but if you think about the crazy cost of taking college courses, it doesn’t seem quiet so bad.

And for me the best part is I get to do it at work. While I’m slaving away, pushing those pixels, I stick my headphones on and get to hear some great insights from Eric Ries, Ben Horowitz, Peter Thiel or whoever else I feel like learning from.

One of the other great benefits is listening to audio books gets me to work out just a little bit longer. Walking or running on the treadmill is painfully boring and running outside can get their, so having something to pass the time really helps. And for me music more of a distraction than anything. I get caught up skipping songs, wanting to create or edit playlists… but the audio books seem to keep me occupied.

So far I’m just two weeks into it and I’m already four books down. At about 8 hours a book, I may drop it down to one a week. If I have to have my butt in my seat at work I might as well be getting a little extra out of it.