Some info about Tyler, working with me, and so on.



I’ve been a professional designer for about eight years now. I consider myself a full stack designer. That is, I’m comfortable with front-end development, interface design, and user experience, and lately been learning about product management and the business/management side of things. 

I’m originally from northern California but currently reside in Mississippi, working at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi as an interface designer. Previously, I’ve worked at design studios, as an inhouse designer and as a freelancer.

In my spare time, I’ve moved away from doing freelance work to instead working on a few little side projects. It’s a way to stay creative and do some other things I don’t necessarily have the chance to do all the time yet enjoy like writing, advertising, seo, and so on.

Instead of just doing a little project, I’ve taken on a rather big one, working on a fantasy soccer application, Fantasy Nation. The beta is under way and we hope to do an official launch in the future.

My Skills & Experience

I have eight years of experience creating interfaces for web, iOS and Android apps. I’ve been building websites as a hobby since the 7th grade. I’ve worked in-house, as a freelancer, and at design firms, on projects for corporations, non-profits, startups, individuals, and companies large and small.

I’ve used Photoshop for interface design for most of my career but have recently been using Sketch. At this point, I’m pretty proficient with both. I prefer Sketch on my Macbook because the UI takes up less space but use Photoshop at the day job.

I’ve been writing the front-end markup for of my designs since I started designing so I’m very comfortable with html/css and responsive design. I have a little experience with the css preprocessor SASS, and Angular. I enjoy doing it from time to time but don’t really plan on getting any more into front-end development.

If you’d like to know more about me or want to start on a project contact me.